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We talk. We dream. We build.

For years, we’ve championed our client partners and given them the competitive edge in today’s

blistering economy. Not what you might expect from a company who builds things for a living eh?

After all, we understand it’s not all about steel and concrete but about thoughts and ideas. More

than that, it’s about building relationships.


At Catalyst we make the commitment to do whatever it takes to get the job right. We’ll help sort out
the “have to” list and the “want to” list. In the process, we’ll make sure you don’t spend too much on

the non-essentials and make sure all the basics are covered at the right price. We’re very good at

finding a way to do what our clients want within their construction budget. Very good.

From project planning to the post-construction warranty, we’re with you every step of the way. That’s

what we do. At Catalyst, we actually do what we say we’re going to do.


Project Planning (With the End in Mind)

From design to cost estimation, through project completion and post construction, we take a
disciplined approach to every project. With years of experience, we at Catalyst have designed a
rigorous planning template that provides the structure for all stages of construction. This planning
process provides the organization and stability for being a catalyst, and seamlessly integrates our
full compliment of services.


Cost Estimating

Every project is a unique opportunity to build something special. Rather than relying on square

footage or historical pricing structures, Catalyst customizes a plan specific to our client’s needs.

We are extremely successful managing project costs and schedules throughout the design and

development. By bringing us on early in the project, we can play an active roll in the entire process

from planning through completion, and thus produce a quality facility within budget.


Quality and Service

The Catalyst team is singularly focused on providing a quality product. Every time. That goal encompasses unparalleled customer service, industry experience, responsiveness, problem solving, integrity and professionalism. We assemble to best team for your project, both with our own staff and with the finest subcontractors available. We use quality products, and use the experience-driven system of checks and testing. Simply put, we want to be your construction company of choice. We believe we are uniquely qualified to be the catalyst that gets the job done right for you.



Catalyst develops a construction schedule by identifying all major activities for design, approvals, procurement of materials and actual building time. As the design is developed, the schedule is expanded in detail particularly for the construction phase. This construction schedule utilizes specialized software, which is constantly monitored and updated throughout the project so our client partners know exactly where we are in the process. No guesswork necessary.


Procurement/Subcontractor Selection

In order to maintain the highest quality and meet our client’s expectations, we only partner with the best subcontractors available. Catalyst formulates a detailed scope of work and bid packages that are distributed to the subcontractors on our approved list that have past experience with similar projects, are financial stable, have the manpower capacity and workload volume to handle the project in consideration. We welcome our client partners to review our qualified list should they so choose.


Construction Process

During construction, a Field Superintendent (FS), and a Project Manager (PM) lead all Catalyst projects. Yes, the Field Superintendent will be on your project full time, not part time. The FS is responsible for the day-to-day organization, supervision, scheduling, quality control, and safety of the project. The PM works closely with all project team members to ensure that all upcoming work is coordinated with the FS for ensure the proper sequencing of materials, equipment and subcontractors to deliver the project on time and within budget.



Throughout the post-construction phase, we remain actively involved with our clients. The Field Superintendent and Project Manager are available to address any last minute concerns that may arise. Our post-construction services include, completion of punch list work, all subcontracts warranties, the delivery of as-built records, operating, maintenance manuals and any other paperwork. Our clients can rest assured that all systems have been properly tested and certified.


At Catalyst we’re committed to the success and increased implementation of sustainable construction practices throughout the industry. We all know what kind of shape our environment is in, and we’re stepping up to the challenge to make a difference. As part of this effort, we’re training and equipping ourselves with the tools necessary to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. By expanding our capabilities and extending our leadership into this vital field, we’re ready to help you turn your “green’ vision into a reality.

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