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Thank for your interest in developing a working relationship with Catalyst Construction Management. The Subcontractor Section of our website has become an important step in developing new working relationships and rekindling old relationship. Hopefully this section will assist you in navigating the processes that Catalyst uses in developing the paperwork we require do to business for a very long time. Our goal is to make this process as simple as we can to commence the approval process and guide you through the process we use on every project.


Our process starts with a Master Subcontract Agreement AIA-A401, Certificate of Insurance, and W-9 form. The Master Subcontract is a document that we use to establish the contract terms for ALL projects. This document will cover all of the projects that we build together without the need to develop a new 40 page document every time. The Master Subcontract will refer to a Purchase Agreement that we will issue for each specific project as they come up.


Once we have the signed Master Subcontract Agreement, Certificate of Insurance, and W-9 we will add you to our Approved Bidders List. Without these documents in place we will not invite you company to bid on our projects. Hopefully very quickly thereafter you will be awarded a project with Catalyst and a Purchase Agreement referencing the Master Subcontract will be sent out for your signature and will include your proposal for the specific project. We can usually send out purchase agreements and have them signed returned with-in the same day at times, which speeds the process from Bid to Contract.


There is much more information in the following links, but the first step seems to be the most confusing and I wanted to help clarify the process. Catalyst is continually looking for ways to improve the process, therefore if you have suggestions to improve our set-up process, please let us know.


Catalyst looks forward to building a great relationship with you and your staff,




Todd W. Stacy – LEED AP


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