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Fairbanks Hospital

8102 Clearvista Parkway
Indianapolis, IN
Designer/Architect: BSA Life Structures & Maregatti Interiors


This project was a complete renovation to all common areas, patient rooms,and the administrative wing of the building. The work included:

• All new plumbing for patient restrooms
• New electrical systems and lighting
• New ceilings, flooring and casework
• Remodeling of main entry and admissions entry
• Exterior parking lots were renovated to create better drainage, lighting and parking conditions

The extensive renovation to this rehabilitation facility was completed in multiple phases while the building was occupied. This required removing and storing furniture and equipment in stages.

The sensitive nature of the hospital’s services required that patient confidentiality be controlled throughout all levels of Catalyst employees and subcontractors. The project was completed in 26 weeks.

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